English vocabulary learning tricks

As we all know its very difficult to learn and remember the vocabularies , Even if we learn vocab repeatedly its still difficult to remember the words and their meaning and if we look at from exam perspective its has good weightage  in any government exam or private exam.

Hence to overcome this difficulties i will share a very good tricks which has been successful and myself and all my students found it very useful in remembering the difficult words.

Before i can proceed i would suggest you a book which is perfect for English and its is PLINTH TO PARAMOUNT and not just vocab part its quite easy to understand in other English part and it covers most of the topics hence i would suggest you to purchase this book if you want to score good in English.

Now comes to the point once you will have this book and you will go to Vocabularies part you will find almost 800 words which are always expected to come in exam so we will start with one page at a time ( the page number of vocabularies on my book is 279)

The tricks is basically i will be writing a short paragraph having all word of one page and you can either take print out of the page or write it by yourself and then just give it your few seconds you will able to remember the words.

First Para

Some people Abase( nicha dikana) our country by doing bad things and they Abash( embarrass) respected people of country , such people who bring shame to country should be Abdicated ( tyag dena) from country itself , they are Aberrant (abnormal) people and lives in Abattoir(buchadkhana) , we have seen there are people who support wrong people and they do Abetment /Accompliance .( bure kaam main sath dena)

It was also found some politician also support them and once it was known to media government put them in Abeyance( suspended), All patriot people Abhor(hate) them  and wanted to Abrogate( khatam karna) their Abode( place) so that they can't continue spreading hatred in public.

There are millions poor people in india and lives in Abject ( Buri halat main) situation but still they love our country , people who abase country should be done Ablution( washing) in Ganga.
We should always try to Abort( rok lagana) their bad intention and Abolish( put and end) to any action or planing against country.

Government need to make sure that such people should not be Abscond( depart secretly) from country and put in jail then only a Absolute( compelete) stop will be done on them and such people should not be Absolve/Acquit/Exonerate from their punishment( dosh se mukt karna) and we as good citizen of the country should Abstain( rokna or parhej karna) their company  

So this is the trick basically i have almost finished one page of the book, you can write any paragraph on any topics where you can fit your vocab and then just give your 1 or 2 minutes daily to read them i can assure you ,you will start remembering them
If you want me to write a lot paragraph for you like this then kindly let me know on my email ID or comment below i would love to help you.

Thanks :)


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